Beauty and Brains: Meet 18 year old Entrepreneur; Daniela Costin

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Daniela Costin is 18 years old and is running her own business successfully for almost a year.

Daniela got to London because of her mother, who lived there for three years at the age of 14. Now Daniela is in full-time education doing her A-levels in a sixth form based in North-West London.


Even before she was able to organize a beauty pageant, she participated in one, representing England – Miss Europe Continental 2016. She was chosen to go to Italy to the international finals. It was this pageant that inspired her to do something of her own.


Referring to the organization of the Miss Continental UK competition, Daniela said it was a demanding activity. Everything was created by her starting from web design ending at being backstage and front stage during the show in July 2017.


At the age of 17, Daniela wanted her childhood dream to come to reality. Going to an international pageant and understanding she can do something of her own. Removing all the barriers in her way she started working bringing her plans to life.


Daniela is also practicing Ballroom and Latin dancing on a professional level, currently being a teacher for young children starting jokingly at the age of 11 now she can’t imagine herself without dancing.


She also opened a modelling agency of her own as well as having big plans for the future as shooting her own reality show, realizing a documentary about Miss Continental UK and organizing an international fashion show in February 2018.



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