Interview with director Barney Cokeliss from the short film Night Dancing

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We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented director Barney Cokeliss from the short film Night Dancing, Have a look at the video and see what he had to say about the development of this beautiful articulated film



A man whose son was stolen at birth is convinced that he has found his long lost child. Inspired by Spain’s stolen babies scandal, Los Niños Robados.



After over 30 years of searching, Henry finally believes he has found the son who was stolen from him at birth. Whilst stationed at the American Airbase in Spain during the early 70’s he fell in love with his wife Maria. Little did they know that they would be affected by one of Spain’s best-kept secrets, the stolen babies scandal, also known as ‘Los Niños Robados’ or ‘The Lost Children of Francoism’. He has now made his way to London to try and find Javier; the man he is adamant is his long-lost child. The persistence of this ‘stranger’ is off-putting to Javier and his wife, who simply want to be left alone. In their first encounter, Javier is focused on getting Henry to stop pestering him. Henry seizes the chance to explain who he really is and looks to back it up with all of the evidence he has gathered during his search. He claims to be Javier’s true father, forcing him to decide whether it is worth it to reopen a painful chapter of his life that might be easier left closed.

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