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Meet The Director Of the Award Winning Short Film “Women & Wine” Liv Karin Dahlstrøm

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Women and Wine is a humorous film about the fear of losing a friend. Turid is attending her close friend’s fiftieth anniversary, but during the party, she comes to realize she is no longer amongst her closest friends. Thus Turid starts a game to make her mark, and the party turns out to involve much more than singing and wine.

We had The pleasure of Interviewing Liv Karin Dahlstrøm . Heres her story on why she Created Women & wine.


Directors Statement

As a storyteller, I often find myself inspired by everyday-people and the seemingly “small” issues we all face in our everyday-life and social space. I am fascinated by how humans interact in social settings; how we protect and defend our pride and jealousy, and at the same time always try so hard to fit in amongst others. I am inspired by the battles we face in our everyday-life (or even: throughout our tough lives). I believe that all humans are equipped with various biological mechanisms that kicks in from time to time. Therefore, I think it is very interesting to look at the numerous challenging situations we often find ourselves in because of these, because –in the end – is not easy to be human.

This story is about some women approaching their fifties or who has already turned fifty. They are not young anymore but at the same time they are not old either. The feeling of getting closer and closer to an “expiring date” can change the self-esteem, and even make a person feel worthless. Opportunities disappear faster than new shows up, and I think many begin to reflect over their life. “So this is what my life has become”.

With all these mixed emotions, happenings like the loss of a partner, the lack of opportunity to develop, or even losing a friend can make a person feel more vulnerable than they would in their twenties with their life before them. People of all ages will be able to relate to the main character’s emotions in Women&Wine. At the same time, they do become reinforced by her age and state in life. Therefore, emotions like jealousy and losing control can feel even worse when there is a voice inside telling you to pull yourself together because you are in fact an adult who should have learned how to cope with these experiences thousands of times before.

  1. Tell us a bit about who Liv Karin Dahlstrom is?

I´m a 31 year old girl whom love people, film, cheese, music, cats, love and peace. After graduating film-school I did a lot of different projects, but Women&Wine is the one I adore the most and want to do. I like working with like-minded people and with comic aspects of phycology of common people.

  1. Why “Women and Wine”

I think your interpretation of the English title «Women&Wine» is fitting, hehe. But to be honest, the title was auditory appealing to me and this was more important to me than the Interpretation. I came up with the Norwegian title «Kvinner&Cava» (Women&Cava) witch to me sounds very fitting with the combination of severity and humour in the movie.

  1. How did you find directing “Women and Wine”?

I thought it was very difficult, but at the same time the most fun and exciting project I´ve done. The situations and turning points are small and there´s a lot that underlines the project. So at the same time as I want to «keep it all down», I have to be sure that the important aspects don´t disappear.

We had a lot of fun while shooting. It´s not every day you get to see 40 women between the ages of 40 and 60 years dance in the middle of the day without music. I actually still miss it! 🙂

  1. “Women and wine” is under consideration for an OSCAR after taking home the qualifying award at the Seattle international film festival, tell us how you feel about that accomplishment?

First of all I´m very grateful and happy that SIFF likes the film enough to give us an award. I appreciate it a lot! Of course, it would be very cool if it was nominated to the Oscar´s. I do miss seeing movies with everyday-struggle getting shoved into the light. I think my reaction would be humble, but also filled with laughter if I ever got that phone call. Even though that would be fun, I´d have to stress a lot when finding a dress that is pretty enough to wear on the red carpet! I prefer pants before dresses and I do not have a talent, walking in high heels. 🙂


  1. How did you go about finding the right actresses to be a part of the “Women and Wine” production?

Turid is played by Marit A. Andreassen. She´s done quite films and TV. She played in my graduation film «Jackie», that I made while in my film study’s. Through the collaboration, we developed a very good way of working together.

She´s got a great ability to use herself in her work – and I love to work with her.


I knew Marit was going to play as Turid – So her lines are written with her voice in mind.

To find the other ladies I had to do a lot of long test-shoots. I invited them three at a time in to my own living room. Where they improvised some key scenes in the movie. The women were screaming and yelling at each other and the emotions were through the roof. At the end I had to notify my neighbours that everything was ok, and that I had some actors over.


Cast Member: Jeanne BøeSigne

Cast Member: Turid GunnesGrete


  1. Generally speaking, when we want to learn about a film, we talk to the director. But those that make films, know how much they are really collaborations. What makes a fruitful collaboration? What do you do to enhance the collaborative process?


It´s important to me that my crew realize why I´m so hung up in the content and theme of the film, that see the same sorrow or humour as me. For instance, I could never have a photographer that didn´t take Turids struggle or vulnerability seriously. When we understand each other, it´s much easier to have the right kind of focus. The crew should always be good (and my crew is) and that makes it important that the crew is easy to work with and be witch over an extended period of time.

  1. With the film being entered into numerous film festival around the world, can you tell us, what do audiences want? And is it the filmmaker’s role to worry about that?

Well, there´s probably a lot of ways to answer that. But the main factor is that the audience enjoys everything a lot more when they feel something. When they see it, they often talk about how they can recognize the situation and about the seriousness in the humour – Which in turn, makes them feel something. I don´t feel like it´s my responsibility or that we should make a movie based on requests. But a movie is nothing without an audience – So the goal is that the audience experiences something and not just me.

  1. What role have film festivals played in your life so far? Why are they necessary? How do you get the most out of them?

For me the best part of film festivals are the meetings with other film makers. For example at ASPEN Short Fest this year. The atmosphere was excellent and one thing that kept repeating was that the film makers cheers for each other and were genuinely exited about the other projects. This was very supporting and inspiring.


  1. Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture? Do you feel that being a creative person requires that you give back or tell a particular story or not do something else? Why or why not?

I think we all have a responsibility, even if you´re a film maker or not. Not just for the culture, but for the world in general. this responsibility is important to take, but it´s not important if it´s through a film or not as long as it comes through. But of course it’s great using film and TV to tell a story that can share this responsibility.


  1. Do you have any future projects that you are working on at the moment?

Right now I´m in the pre-production of a children’s TV-series for NRK-Super (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). It´s a comedic love-drama for children between 9-12 years. After this we´re starting the production of TV-seires for adults based on the short film «Women&Wine» where I and the other writer of Woman&Wine are creators. -It´s going to be very fun, scary and exiting!



The film was produced by Isak Eymundsson

Isak Eymundsson is a Norwegian film producer at the Oslo based production company Ape&Bjørn. He graduated from The National Film School of Norway in 2012, and have been working in Ape&Bjørn since. He has produced among others the Prix Jeunesse winning kids series The Games, and the was the Norwegian producer on the Nordic short film collaboration The Committee that premiered in competition at Locarno 2016. The same year he also produced the short film Women&Wine that won Best Narrative short film at Seattle International Film Festival in 2017.

Currently he is producing Joern Utkilen’s debut feature Lake Over Fire, that will premiere winter 2018, and Jannicke Systad Jacobsen’s second feature The Domestique that will go into production early 2018. He is also developing a wide slate of new features and TV-dramas.


To View the Trailer of this amazing short film, please click on the video above.





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